It’s a cliche post for a blogger, but I’ve always found goal posts actually help me at least attempt to stick to them, and get me somewhere to where I want to be, even if I don’t completely stick to them, it creates change for me so, I suppose I best just jump straight into it and tell you my goals….  for the last 5 months of the year (ish).

1. To continue getting healthier. 

This isn’t about losing weight for me, it’s more about being conscious about the choices I make especially around food. I’ve always fluctuated with food, in high school I didn’t enough and in the last few years I’ve been eating too much. But that’s just one aspect of getting healthier. I need to keep listening to my body, when I’m full I need to stop, when I’m tired I need to rest, and I definitely need to be drinking more water! But something as simple as taking 5 minutes to myself just to collect my thoughts can help.. Oh and take the red inhaler daily, and go for that asthma review. … and the flu jab you haven’t had in 4 years.

2. To pass my driving test.

Now when this gets published I may or may not have already taken my test and passed (or failed) so I’ll leave an edit. But I’d like to get that pass out of the way and open myself up to some more opportunities thanks to driving. Being in a little town without a car is a pain and it’s limiting. I’m hoping to get a bit more freedom with the joys of a car… and a full licence.

I PASSED!!! With only two minors, post to come x

3. To save some money.

I’ve always been bad with money, I’m a “burns a hole in your pocket” kind of person but more recently I’ve been thinking about what I’m spending my money on and attempting (poorly) to get myself into a better financial position… I mean I’ve only got 40 working years left in me (unless my back finally goes on me… high chance with degenerative scoliosis)  and government pension is shit…. so to retire with some form of comfort blanket would be nice. Plus I’d like to buy a house one day and deposits don’t come out of nowhere.

4. To think more positively.

I openly admit, I’m the person who notices the mistake before I notice the good things, especially in work and it’s not conducive to leading a good team, so my attitude needs an adjustment, and I’m hoping it will trickle into my everyday life and I’ll generally be a more positive person. Here’s hoping.

5. To find balance.

I have written a post about finding balance, and it’s definitely on the forefront of my mind, so if I could find that sweet spot of working, caring for mum and actually being a human being, then that’d be great because at the moment I’m a stressed out robot who seems to repeat myself day after day. So to get out more, experience new things, make new friends and generally enjoy life a bit more would be lovely.

6. To find my confidence.

I feel like since abandoning my medical transition I’ve generally felt more comfortable with myself and who I am, losing weight helped too, I no longer feel like a whale, but confidence is something I’ve always struggled with. I know I’m a capable person who has a lot to offer but getting that from my head to my actions has always been the problem. So I’d like for one day to show everyone who I am and what I can give rather than being so anxious I keep it to myself.

I was going to stop at 5 but it’s not my style to stick to regular formats so you got 6  🙂 If you’ve got any goals you’re aiming towards leave your posts in the comments, I’d love to rejoin the blogging community and give them a read and a comment.

To achieving goals.

J x




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