Identity Crisis


From the age of 14, I’ve struggled with my identity, and from the age of 18 I believed I was transgender.

And over the last few months, my thoguhts and feelings over my identity, specifically my gender identity have changed, and become confused.

Even though I still have the same feelings about my identity, the dysphoria regarding my gender seems to have either settled down or disappeared. I feel more comfortable in the skin that I’m in, I look in the mirror and don’t hate myself or feel disgusted at my masculinity anymore.

But still I don’t feel either masculine or feminine, I actually feel neither. Which is weird. I’ve heard the term gender neutral/gender fluid for a while, and whilst I respected it, I never really understood it, until now – I think. It’s a strange feeling, and it’s confusing and I’m not 100% what it all means.

So I’ve come back to the thing that has always helped me when I’m struggling – writing about it.

So in the spirits of exploration, finding myself and sorting out my muddled feelings. I’ve changed my blog name, got new socials, and begun to explore this new found – Me.

J x


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